Primacy Statement repects your online privacy. This statement informs you of our privacy practices about the way information is captured and stored.

All personal information submitted to this website can be utilized for internal purposes. We however, do not share any personal information to a third party company. Or, in layman terms, we won't sell your email address to spammers.

Information collection

The basic information collected is of a non-intrusive nature. For web statistical purposes, we collect following information:

  • IP address and domain name (usually your ISP or company) you connect from to this website
  • The operating system and web browser used to access
  • The time you spend on a webpage.
With the usage of, we may collect information such as:
  • Geographical data, and the name you bind to it (if applicable)
  • Your search queries
  • Profile information
We may use the collected information to:
  • Enhance your experience
  • Assist you with a technical problem
  • Update you on news or new services
  • Provide personalized promotions
  • Provide service and support
  • Communication aids about products and/or services

External links

We may provide links that are not part of If you access those links, you will leave We do not control those target websites, or their respective privacy statements, which may differ from this one. The personal data that you enter on those sites is not covered by this privacy statement.

Data security follow best practices to store your information in a secure way. Sensitive account information, such as passwords, are stored encrypted with a one-way hash, which is very difficult to break.

The framework software, web server applications and operating system of is adequately updated with the latest, tested, security patches. Additionally, we monitor the application and system for hacking attempts.

Abuse and vandalism is designed to be a service to many users. If a user is found to perform illegal activities, or attempts thereof, we reserve the right to block that user, or provide information to the appropriate authorities. More information on this is in our terms and conditions page.

If you are in doubt of's integrity and wish your account to be removed from our list, please contact us for removal.

If you have any further inquiries, questions or concerns about your privacy, please do not hesitate to contact us.