Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai Marina
+971 4 437 0222

Located in JBR, Rimal on plaza level

Comments about Hairworks

Jackie said over 5 years ago:

Great salon - I came here because I read in Time Out that the manager who you are all complaining about is one of the best 10 hairdressers in Dubai. Dont know about you but I'd rather have a good haircut rather than a relaxing time at a hairsalon! I've had so many dodgy haircuts and colourings here in Dubai that I am so thankful to have found her - half my bootcamp now use her too due to my recommendation and none of us find her too loud or overbearing just brilliant with hair. Ladies judge her on her work not her volume.

Tammy said almost 6 years ago:

I have been going to this salon for the past 6 months after following my stylist Lynsey from the IBN Batutta salon, she is now at JBR and I cant recommend her highly enough... fantastic at colour and cutting!

L said about 6 years ago:

Nabiha always does my hair and she is fantastic. But I agree with Aaon and anoymous about the manger with the red hair - she drives me nuts whenever I am there. I cannot believe she is the manager

anon said about 6 years ago:

I love this place. I agree about the manager with the red hair. I tried to tune her out, but nearly impossible. Nice lady or not, I don't care--not everyone wants to listen to your opinionated busyness! lol that being said, only experienced that once out of 4 trips. Nabiha, my stylist, is amazing for both cut and color. Super.

anonymous said about 6 years ago:

The manager in there with red hair talks way to loud and is to overbearing. The lady is scottish and some of us are trying to relax when we go to the salon not listen to her life story so far.

anonymous said over 6 years ago:

Great salon - i always get my hair done from nabeeha. she's GOOD!

Helen said over 6 years ago:

Very poor service with no regard for appointments and no respect for clients' time. Not recommended at all. I for one am never going back.

Hiroku said over 6 years ago:

i've been going there for years now; lovely shop, great stylists, i like this place.

haseena said almost 7 years ago:

Nabiha always colors my hair,shes very professional and gets the color perfect everytym.

Aliya said about 7 years ago:

i used to go to them when i first moved to JBR - i dont anymore because they are over priced.

fadi said over 7 years ago:

i am hair stylist for ladies looking for job in dubai
i have good experience 3 years ago in dubai
in greens,jbr,marina
please call
kind regards,

anonymous said over 7 years ago:

Do they take walk-ins, or is it appointment only?

anonymous said almost 8 years ago:

Messed up my hair, one side shorter than the other

anonymous said about 8 years ago:

Just went there this weekend and got a great haircut and highlights..You should ask for Alexa, she is a great stylist.

anonymous said over 8 years ago:

Your location should be adjusted slightly. Should be shown closer to the beach.

anonymous said over 8 years ago:

Great salon, talented stylists. the only place I go in Dubai.

mh said over 8 years ago:
anonymous said over 8 years ago:

it's the wrong phone number!

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