Thomson Grocery

Karama, Bur Dubai
+971 4 337 3403

Comments about Thomson Grocery

Citizen said over 6 years ago:

i am really sorry. Thomson is good. Usually i buy chicken bones, mutton bone etc for me and my dog.

zolario raichel said over 6 years ago:

you can find a wide variety of filipino products in Thomsun.

eleeza said over 6 years ago:

iam a regular customer in Thomsun they are very friendly to the customers, and also provides very good service, also much better than APSARA.

dIXON said over 6 years ago:

ana ur right, thomsun is one of the best supermarket in Burdubai...

ana said over 6 years ago:

thomson is good place for shopping. Dirty people dont like thomson

Citizen said over 6 years ago:

just bought chicken bones form Thomson in Bur Dubai branch when i reach home just realize that its almost grey in color and with an awful smell. Also bought eggs on the same shop it is already watery inside.. be careful of what you buy form them.

APSARA said over 6 years ago:

hello ALI come here in thomson ill give you discount. ask to your borders also dont go there in thomson because really expired FOOD this is not good health. if you want to talk me thomson call not afraid

P.O.Box: 42784, Dubai
Tel: +971 4 3966658

ALI said over 6 years ago:

ako po si ali marunong mag tagalog di pu talaga maganda dyan sa thomson nong bumili ako puro nga expired nga. tapos ung pina post ko na bedspace mga 2 araw lng tinanggal na. so i dont like thomson kaya ako di na bumili dyan. ung totoo lng sabihin ko talaga para gusto nyo ako maka usap nang personal this is my number 055-8101-071 mag close na kayo maganda pa ung APSARA no good thomson in bur dubai just close your store if you want to me to talk to me thier is my number dont JOKE Iran oK!!!!!!!

Clebhert said almost 7 years ago:

what is the muncipality doing about it........

Jerickson said over 7 years ago:

thomson gorcery (al karama) selling expire items, dont buy any goods from them if you like your health

Waqas said over 7 years ago:

Thomson Grocery karama selling expires items i buy a fa deodrant when i use at home it is expire and even when going to change they not changed, suggest you to be aware from thomson grocery

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